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Dr. Hana Patel is a general practitioner who completed her medical training in 2005, qualifying from University College London and became a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners in 2010. She has additional post graduate qualifications in Family Planning, Women’s Health, Elderly Medicine, ILM 5 Executive Business Coaching and Mentoring and a Masters' degree in Medical Education.

Dr. Hana Patel has been providing her services as a Life Coach and Mentor to colleagues in the NHS for many years, and decided to use her skills to offer this highly regulated and monitored service to all clients. Having personal infertility issues, and finding the resources and support related to this poor and unsupportive, this led her on the path of fertiity coaching and cementing her passion in Coaching. Using her skills Coaching and Mentoring NHS clients for many years, she is able to offer a broader and more holistic approach that only a general practitioner can in each indiviudalised and personal session. 

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About Me

Dr. Hana Patel has a specialist interest in education, coaching and mentoring. Working as an Educational GP trainer, assisting qualified doctors in a training post in general practice, led her to completing her Masters in Medical Education from the University of Kent and she is now an Honorary Lecturer at the University of Kent Honorary Academics with DaLL. Dr. Hana Patel continues to assist in training general practitioners by working as a Training Programme Director for Health Education England, working as a GMC examiner and an academic mentor. Dr. Hana Patel provides services as a professional lecturer and teacher for schools, other GP training programme schemes around the c

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Experienced General Practitioner MBBS BSc MSc (Med Ed) FRCGP ILM5 RCPathME
Child and Adult Health
Life Coach
Infertility and Reproductive Health
GP Professional Expert Witness

Special Services

01. COVID 19 (Including Long Covid)

At the time of writing, there have been over 150 million cases of confirmed Covid- 19 worldwide. The Covid- 19 pandemic has changed the way everyone lives and works in England, and the way people look at their health. For those who have been unlucky to have been diagnosed with Covid 19, there are people who have post Covid - 19 syndrome, and have signs and symptoms of infection consistent with COVID-19 lasting longer than 12 weeks. Symptoms can include fever, pain, breathlessness, palpitations, chest pains, joint pains, neurological symptoms to name a few. Dr. Hana Patel offers up to date, evidence based management of Long Covid symptoms, and long term care for such patients. 

03. Child Health

Dr. Hana Patel is a general practitioner who offers 8 week baby checks, routine baby and child immunisations and paediatric care. 

05. Infertility

Having undergone fertility issues personally, Dr. Hana Patel has a special interest in fertility medicine, offering her services at the renouned Women's Health Dulwich gynaecology and fertility clinic. She also provides fertilty coaching and specific fertility consultations to investigate fertility concerns. 

07. Chronic Diseases

It is the role of primary care to aid in the early diagnosis and ensure long term management of long term conditions. With the Covid-19 pandemic, this has been harder for the NHS to manage due to the diversion of resources. Dr. Hana Patel is able to assist with this, building a long lasting doctor- patient relationship with her patients, to ensure that she offers the most up to date, evidence based quality care.

09. Life Coach

Dr. Hana Patel works as a Life Coach for the NHS, also incorporating this into her regulatory roles. Please click on the tab above to access her private consulting website for Life Coaching and Mentoring. 

11. Medical Education

Dr. Hana Patel is an academic GP and an honorary academic lecturer in Digital and Lifelong Learning (DaLL) at the University of Kent. With her Masters in Medical Education, she works with Health Education England, assisting in the delivery of general practice education and training and developments for the larger primary care workforce in the Kent, Surrey and Sussex area. Dr. Hana Patel is one of the Speciality Training Programme Directors in General Practice at Epsom General Hospital, and has been working in this role since 2014, facilitating postgraduate general practice education for doctors in training. Dr. Hana Patel also supports colleagues going through the PGCert with the University of Kent as an academic mentor. Dr. Hana Patel also enjoys publishing as a senior editor 

02. Men's Health

Dr. Hana Patel has an interest in men's health, covering common concerns such as fertility and prostate issues. She also offers a general men's health consultation at the renouned Women's Health Dulwich Clinic. 

04. Women's Health

With an interest in women's health, Dr. Hana Patel has additional post graduate qualifications in women's health, coils and Nexplanon fitting and a Diploma from the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Dr. Hana Patel also works as a Private GP in the renouned Women's Health Dulwich Gynaecology and Obstetrics Fertility clinic, offering care for patients who want advice on fertility, menstrual concerns and managing menopausal symptoms. Dr. Hana Patel has carried out additional training in psycho-sexual medicine, and looks at common issues that affect both men and women, as difficulties in sex can affect anyone at any point in their lives. Dr. Hana Patel also carries out cervical screening - smear testing- for women of all ages.

06. Elderly Medicine

Almost a quarter of the population in England are aged 60 years or older, meaning that advances in health care have assisting in helping people live longer than ever before. Unfortunately, with this comes a specialist healthcare need, that focuses on older people, looking at conditions such as frailty. Dr. Hana Patel has carried out specific postgradute training in Elderly medicine and enjoys caring for older patients, offering long term quality care. 

08. Psychiatry

Dr. Hana Patel has a special interest in psychiatry, and has completed both general and child psychiatry placements during her hospital training. As a general practitioner, it is important to aid in the diagnosis of mental health problems and long term mangement of psychiatric conditions. 

10. Executive Business Coach

Dr. Hana Patel works as a consultant for the NHS as a executive business and life coach, helping colleagues achieve their goals and improve patient care. 

12. Regulatory Medicine

Dr. Hana Patel works as a clinical advisor for NHS England, offering her professional opinion when things go wrong with patients care within the NHS and the private healthcare system. Dr. Hana Patel also works as a consultant for the Care Quality Commission (CQC), working with the team to aid in monitoring and inspection of general practices across England, ensuring that quality of care is maintained.

What People Say

Take a look at the recent testimonials submitted by our patients

I couldn't ask for more from any doctor. My baby was ill and doctor Hana, told me that everything will work out. She explained the problem, and how I could help my child get better. It took some time, I ONLY wish ALL doctors took the time and effort with their patients - the NHS would be an even better service. Just wanted to say thank you very much, xx

the doctor was willing to listen to my concerns and able to answer anything I was worried about. After the phone consultation, it did but me at ease about my problem and if there was any future problems they had advised what I should do.

This doctor was polite, l could tell she was busy but took the time to listen and smiled at me. I was nervous about going but she made me happy and l am reassured by the advice. I would love her to be my doctor from now on.

Hana is a clinical adviser for NHS England and provides excellent clinical review reports - she is readily available and has excellent time management.

I saw Doctor Patel, and I was delighted with the service I received. And I am more than happy to add my voice to those that can't praise Dr Patel both for her professionalism and her quality of care. She has something that every Doctor should have, plus a lot more. AAA+++ service. That in general is what I wanted to put, but not use how to add my testimonial to the other ones. Thank you, once again for the brilliant service you provided. All the best

Hayley Adams

"Wish I could have this doctor every time. Absolutely lovely. Informative and thorough and I didn't feel rushed. "

"Very polite, reassuring and gentle in her approach. Couldn’t have asked for anything more"

Mrs. J.T.

Hana is an excellent Coach who genuinely puts the client's professional development and career above all else. She is a skilled coach and has been able to help me reflect on my life and goals.

"Very intelligent and understanding Life Coach- great pleasure to communicate. Dr. Hana Patel was well prepared, thorough. Similar professional situation to me so useful discussion"

"I have found Dr Patel a great help during my Life Coaching sessions with her. Her approach is practical, thorough and focused. I feel I am retaining control over my goals whilst she guides me."

A good doctor, I had a good experience. Just like to say, Thank You xx

Caring ,friendly, calm and polite. Answered my questions confidently and reassuringly.

Hana is one of the most efficient and hardworking doctors I have come across. Always helpful and happy. Always goes the extra mile. She is simply an amazing colleague to work with.

I work for the Professional Standards team as a case manager in Performance and also within the GP Appraisal and Revalidation team. Dr Patel is an appraiser who is highly regarded and is called upon to undertake sensitive appraisals. She also readily volunteers to cover areas which suffer a shortage of local appraisers.

"Dr. Hana Patel was nice and shows care."

Anna A

"Hana was very helpful - she listened, explained my issue clearly to me which has been ongoing for years and no other doctor has. She referred me for a breath test straight away and even explained what happens if the test is a success or failure. Amazing doctor - would love to have her everytime! Was made very welcome and could not believe how quickly I felt relaxed and cared for. Thanks Hana!"

Excellent, receptive and friendly. Really great feedback and an excellent life coach.

Excellent, receptive and friendly. Really great feedback and an excellent Life Coach. Super supportive. Thank you.

"Dr Patel was a very supportive Life Coach, and showed great understanding of the challenges we face on GPs day to day practice"

A fellow doctor

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