Crammer’s Corner: RCGP First5


Coming towards the end of your general practitioner training can be a daunting and uncertain time. The RCGP has established a First5 community to help manage this transition period. In this article Dr Hana Patel discusses how trainees can be prepared for the changes on attaining their completion of certificate of training (CCT).

The RCGP established the First5 community after a perceived gap between general practice trainees completing their completion of certification of training (CCT) and their first revalidation 5 years later. Dr Clare Gerada, then Chairperson of the RCGP, together with Dr Clare Taylor, wrote the first proposal towards developing support and guidance for this recognised group of GPs.

What does the RCGP First5 group help with?

After applying for your CCT, as a First5 member, the RCGP will send a welcome pack and update you to full membership once notification from the General Medical Council (GMC) has been received. Each area has a local faculty group, made up of local RCGP volunteer members who provide local support, education and networking opportunities for RCGP members in the area. This can range from topics covering clinical areas for continuing professional development (CPD), carrying out your first NHS England appraisal, GP resilience events, professional development and skills-based sessions. New First5 members will receive an invitation from the faculty to such a local event. Finally, in August and December, First5 members are sent an invitation from the president of the RCGP to a New Members Ceremony.

What other resources are offered to the RCGP First5 members?

There is a First5 library for members to access training modules in a variety of subjects, such as medical ethics and law, consulting with patients and clinical management. There are also online handbooks in ‘Appraisal and Revalidation’ and ‘Work, Wellbeing and Your Future’. The latter provides newly qualified GPs non-clinical tips and suggestions to get through the first few years, looking at areas such as ‘looking after yourself as a GP’ and health and finance.

RCGP First5 Committee

First5 members can stand for election and become a First5 faculty lead in the UK. There is also a First5 member elected as the chair with a seat at the RCGP council able to take matters from a local to national level and affect change. The current First5 committee chair is Dr Ian Wood, a GP in Buckinghamshire. The long-term aim of the committee is to be the first point of access for general practitioners at all stages of their medical careers, with a desire to continue the relationship fostered as an AiT throughout a GP’s professional career. The committee would also like to connect and develop relationships with other First5 groups around the world.

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Conclusion: Health Education England has formed training hubs in conjunction with the RCGP and NHS England. This is in response to the governments’ awareness of the challenges for the primary care workforce and a need to provide broader education for different members of the multi-professional primary care team. Each area will have a training hub, where the primary care team can access CPD, education and funding for further career development. Some training hubs are currently also funding and supporting loc
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