Sulfonylureas, in the treatment of diabetes


The BMJ has published a large population-based cohort study looking at patients in UK primary care with type 2 diabetes initiated on metformin monotherapy to assess the cardiovascular and hypoglycaemic risk associated with the use of sulfonylureas as second-line drugs. Patients were at greater risk of heart attack and all-cause mortality when they switched to a sulfonylurea alone, rather than adding one on to existing metformin treatment.

Antonios D, Dell’Aniello S, Yu Y, et al. (2018) Sulfonylureas as second line drugs in type 2 diabetes and the risk of cardiovascular and hypoglycaemic events: Population-based cohort study. BMJ 362: k2693.

Conclusion: It seems that there are better outcomes for people who are treated with medication for their type 2 diabetes, if they take metformin together with a sulfonylurea type medication.
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