Turmeric can help improve mood and memory

Add more turmeric to your curry! Visit

(25 Feb, 2021)

The multi-professional workforce in primary care

With the emergence of new and evolving roles in primary care, all members of the primary care workforce need to understand each other's roles and have regular updates on how the roles are evolving. This is one of two articles by Dr Hana Patel exploring the roles of members in the multi-professional team. Visit

(16 Dec, 2020)

Eczema associated with a higher risk of heart disease?

People who suffer from active atopic eczema should consider visiting their doctor to talk about risks of heart disease, as they may be more at risk. Visit

(30 Oct 2018)

Myopia and the Outdoors

There could be an association with short sightedness and spending more time in education. Children should be encouraged to play outside as natural light can be protective against this. Visit

(30 Oct 2018)

Being kind to others leads to better well-being

If you want to increase your well-being, perform an act of kindness! Visit

(18, Feb 2019)

Be healthier by being kind

Positive meditation that result in feelings of loving- kindness can reduce negative symptoms and illness. Visit

(30 Mar, 2021)

Crammer’s Corner: The NHS coaching and mentoring scheme

Final thoughts The NHS Leadership Academy delivers two coaching and mentoring programmes. The ‘Return to Work Mentoring Programme’ is suitable for NHS employees who have been away from work for at least 8 weeks, for example owing to maternity leave, sick leave or carers leave. This programme can help address concerns employees may have, for example about organisational change since they were last at work, new career development opportunities and practical concerns such as breast feeding. The Visit

(23 nov, 2020)

Crammer’s Corner: RCGP First5

Health Education England has formed training hubs in conjunction with the RCGP and NHS England. This is in response to the governments’ awareness of the challenges for the primary care workforce and a need to provide broader education for different members of the multi-professional primary care team. Each area will have a training hub, where the primary care team can access CPD, education and funding for further career development. Some training hubs are currently also funding and supporting loc Visit

(11 Aug 2020)

Crammer’s Corner: Opportunities during GP training and after qualification

General practice has always offered diverse, rich and sustainable careers. In the current climate there are even more opportunities and there are a lot of different initiatives to encourage GP trainees to become part of the local workforce after completion of training. Take advantage of these opportunities to develop and enhance training for your own long, diverse and rewarding career in general practice. Visit

(20 May, 2019)

Getting to know yourself

Final words Values are important to us both personally and professionally. Values will affect how we practice as doctors. They are defined by organisations explicitly, as in the GMC’s guidance ‘Duties of a doctor’ (GMC, 2013), by the RCGP and by the NHS. They may be reflected in the policies and contracts of other organisations we work with and for. This article may prompt you to consider the benefits of looking at the declared values of others, but also to consider your own values. Finall Visit

(26 Feb, 2020)

Effective communication, managing difficult encounters and leadership

Any final tips? Learning and demonstrating effective communication within clinical and non-clinical settings enables GPST trainees to develop some of the attributes of good leadership. This also has a direct impact on safe and effective patient care. Fostering a culture of learning and developing communication skills is essential for future leaders of the NHS. Developing the ability to form teams that work well together to achieve the best outcomes for patients is the essence of good leadership Visit

(17 Jun, 2020)

Home visiting

Any final tips? Home visits are still an essential core role for GPs. GP trainees might consider developing a template to ensure that patients being visited at home are given the same holistic care as those attending the surgery. Visit

(13 April, 2020)

Documenting reflections and mistakes

Any final tips? While it is important to acknowledge mistakes, lawyers who have represented doctors in fitness to practice cases emphasise that it is very important not to say, in any way, ‘I was negligent’. They also advise trainees to include any external factors that played a part in the outcome. If there is anything that contributed to the outcome, make sure that this is included in your ePortfolio reflection. In the case of significant events where harm to a patient resulted, doctors shoul Visit

(8 oct, 2018)

Moving on from exam failure

Any final tips? Despite being a 3-year training programme, GP trainees are often surprised how quickly this time passes. While the ST2 and ST3 years can be stressful preparing for the AKT and CSA exams, the majority of trainees pass both these exams within their 3-year training period. Trainees who are eligible for additional training time find this extra time changes their perception of the exam in question. They also report greater learning and changing perceptions of the exams following addi Visit

(17 June, 2019)

ARCP and panel meetings demystified

Any final tips? The paperwork and formal processes encountered as a GP trainee can stand you in good stead for a future in general practice. The process of maintaining a GP ePortfolio for appraisal and revalidation purposes, collating mandatory training evidence and continuing professional development are currently lifelong requirements for practicing GPs. If you are finding it difficult to keep on top of your ePortfolio, highlight issues early on and ask your ES and TPD for help and support. Visit

(26 nov, 2018)

Health and finance as a general practice trainee

Any final tips? There are many organisations and charities that assist doctors and trainees during their training period. It is not possible to list every resource, although several have been highlighted. The NHS PHP programme and BMA list specific trainee resources. Health Education England, GP Training Programme Directors and your GP trainer may be aware of local resources. Visit

(25 dec, 2019)

Prescribing in mental health

A brief 10 minute scenario looking at prescribing issues for patients on certain medication for a mental health condition. Visit

(13 April 2020)


Antidepressants are more effective than placebo for patients who suffer from moderate to major depression. Visit

(4 July 2018)


It can take time for endometriosis to be diagnosed, as symptoms in certain combinations can lead to an earlier diagnosis. Visit

(4 July 2018)

Postpartum depression and exercise

Aerobic exercise can help women who are experiencing postpartum depression. Visit

(29 nov 2017)

Breastfeeding and endometriosis

Breastfeeding can have benefits for mums! Women who suffer from endometriosis are associated with a lower risk if they breastfeed for up to 1 year. Visit

(29 nov 2017)

Nut allergy

British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology says that IgE testing against specific proteins in specific nuts can offer a good prediction of who is at risk of a serious reaction, and how an individual may react to the nut in the future. Visit

(1 march 2018)

Post-pregnancy hypertension

If you are treated for high blood pressure during pregnancy then you should be followed up with regular cardiovascular risk assessment and lifestyle advice by your doctor. Visit

(1 march 2018)


The HANDI project aims to promote effective non-drug treatments, making them visible and easy to use. HANDI is an online formulary of non-drug interventions in health care, which have solid evidence of their effectiveness. Visit

(1 march 2018)

Guidelines for autism

The British Association for Psychopharmacology emphasise plans, regular review and psychosocial interventions in the treatment of autism spectrum disorder rather than drugs, and recommend use of melatonin for disordered sleep. Visit

(12 oct 2018)

HPV vaccination in boys

The number of genital wart infections in the UK has already fallen in both girls and boys because of the vaccination programme. Men are not at risk of cervical cancer, but cancers of the anus, penis, mouth and throat, are also linked to infection with HPV. England will now be one of a small number of countries to offer HPV vaccination for both girls and boys. Visit

(12 oct 2018)

Sulfonylureas, in the treatment of diabetes

It seems that there are better outcomes for people who are treated with medication for their type 2 diabetes, if they take metformin together with a sulfonylurea type medication. Visit

(12 oct 2018)

Rhematoid Arthritis

Testing for anti-CCP antibodies in people who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis can determine the severity of their condition. Visit

(12 oct 2018)