Health coaching (including sleep coaching)


Health Coaching

Dr. Hana Patel is an established, respected published doctor in her field, registered with the GMC in the UK. By looking at specific research depending on the particular medical condition, Dr. Hana Patel has access to the most recent evidence- based information regarding health conditions to have conversations with clients, to aid decisions regarding which clinical interventions and strategies they are prepared and wish to follow. With long term health conditions rising not only in the UK but around the world, it is important for clients to have an individual personalised understanding of how a particular health condition affects them, in their day to day life, personal life and interacting with others around them. By consulting with Dr. Hana Patel, clients are able to build a relationship with her as a health coach, exploring their values, reasons for change and offer skills and confidence to maximise personal well-being. 


Sleep Coaching

Whilst researchers are still trying to understand why humans need to sleep, studies have shown that a lack of sleep can lead to issues such as weight gain, infertility issues, higher risk of heart disease and stroke, impaired glucose tolerance and risk of diabetes, risk of depression, and increased risk of inflammation related conditions to name a few. As a practising medical doctor, Dr. Hana Patel has consulted with hundreds of patients about sleep and health. As a sleep coach, she is able to look at sleep holistically with a client, reviewing an individual's place of sleep, and if possible, look at the sleep environment in a personalised visit (currently carried out remotely due to the Covid- 19 pandemic restrictions). A good night's sleep can improve immune function, productivity at work and general wellbeing.